Help us build a school in Yemen

The Backstory

O.B.K school is the only school in the region, but its not suitable for students because the structure is very weak and presents hazards to the students.
The old school was built around 1980 with few classes and some other classes were subsequently established but recently got almost completely destroyed and are no longer protected or safe from the rain and wild animals.

There are no toiletsschool furniture or administrative facilities in this school. Not to mention the scarcity of educational material.

Neither the country nor civil Organisations had previously entered the region and no construction or renovation projects had been implemented before. Forcing the locals to take matters into their own hands with limited capabilities.

Many students from remote villages are also eager to attend school and have to walk for approximately two hours to get to the School.

Campaign goals:

This campaign aims to raise money to build a school that accommodates more students, is safe, is furnished, has the needed facilities and educational materials such as books that are not available.

News and updates about the construction will be regularly posted on this page.

Building a school requires a lot of money because of the bumpy road and the high prices of materials. with transportation costs reaching prices of more than 700% because of the bad roads. The total cost is mentioned in the plan. 

This campaign is a cooperation between TYF (Tamdeen Youth Foundation) and Waai Organisation for Awareness and Development

Project beneficiaries:

– The new school will be able to accommodate about 1000 students

– More than 10 villages with a population of nearly 50,000 in the area benefit from the school. 

– 100 Families  of the locals will benefit from new jobs created by this project

The Plan:

1- Project Proposal (costs estimation and budget) – Done  ✅
The total cost of this project is estimated to reach $539,409, The goal listed above is only our contribution to the project.
All the funds raised will be for the school. Detailed costs and estimates can be sent by request.

2- Architecture Design  and Material Needs – Done  ✅
The architectural designs for the new school are ready and can be seen in the updates.

3- Construction Plan – Done  ✅
The construction will approximately be completed in 12 months from the start.

4 – Construction Foundation – Done  ✅
The initial step in the construction project has been completed. You can view images about this step in the updates.

5 – Gathering the necessary funds – Pending❗️

6 – Construction Start – Pending❗️

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